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In-Clinic Diagnostics

At Ridgefield Animal Hospital our in-house lab enables us to test for blood cell counts, internal organ function, electrolytes, urinary abnormalities, clotting times, heartworm and feline leukemia/fiv status. We also have specific tests to diagnose parvo virus, Cushing’s disease, pancreatitis, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.


A complete blood count is one of the most common blood tests that we perform. The test counts red and white blood cells as well as platelets (blood clotting ability). The findings of the test can help to inform us about any further testing that may be required. It can help to detect parasites, anemia, infection, and even leukemia, among other things. As part of a full-spectrum early detection panel, the CBC can provide key insights.


A urinalysis provides a wealth of information about the internal condition of your pet. It can help to see signs of dehydration, kidney function, infection, and many other common problems. The three parts of the urinalysis are the overall assessment, the chemical panel, and the sediment analysis.

Blood Chemistry Test

A blood chemistry test is performed to gain insight into the levels of various chemicals and enzymes in the blood. These tests provide information about the overall health of organs - namely the liver, kidney, and pancreas - as well as their overall function. This test also helps to understand overall blood sugar and electrolytes levels.

Digital Cytology

IDEXX Digital Cytology is an advanced diagnostic service that combines cutting-edge technology with expert veterinary guidance. It allows our veterinarians to upload images of slides with cytologic samples (such as impression smears, fine needle aspirations of masses/tumors, or blood films), through a digital scanner to IDEXX’s network of veterinary clinical pathologists. The veterinary clinical pathologists then review the images and provide personalized guidance usually within 2 hours, allowing our veterinarians to make informed decisions swiftly in.

Other Early Detection Tests

Depending on the age of your pet, there may be other tests that are suggested. Adult pets under 7 years of age typically only require a CBC, minor chemistry profile, and urinalysis. A senior pet (7+), on the other hand, can also benefit from a thyroid level check and major blood chemistry profile in addition to the CBC and urinalysis. Senior pets have more chances of developing health complications, and these additional tests are used to help prevent them before they get out of control.

We also have specific tests to diagnose parvo virus, Cushing’s disease, pancreatitis, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, felv/fiv status in cats, and heartworm status in dogs.

New Equipment Coming Soon

At Ridgefield Animal Hospital we strive to stay current with the latest developments in the veterinary field. A key component to excellence in veterinary care is keeping up with the continuous advancement of medical techniques and technology and participating in continuing education so that we may provide pets with the best treatment options available.

Watch for updates about new additions to our diagnostics capabilities. Ridgefield Animal Hospital offers cutting edge diagnostics technology to our patients located in and around Thibodaux, Grand Isle, Napoleonville, Donaldsonville, Luling, and all the towns in between.

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