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We are not an emergency hospital. However, we offer emergent care to our regular clients/patients (seen within the last 2 years).

Our clients should call our main telephone number (985) 446-8824 for weekday, holiday and weekend after-hour emergencies. Our answering service will connect you to the doctor who is on-call, or will relay your phone number and a message so that they may return your call if they are currently assisting another emergency.

Please do not attempt to come to the hospital without contacting the answering service, as we do not have a doctor in the building 24 hours a day. Doing so may delay the care your pet requires, including important instructions for transporting your pet or treatments to provide in route.

Established clients are clients who have been to Ridgefield within the last two years and are in good financial standing with Ridgefield.

***Non Ridgefield Animal Hospital clients will be referred to an emergency hospital:***

MedVet New Orleans
2315 N. Causeway Blvd.
Metairie, LA 70001
Ph: 504-835-8508


LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Skip Bertman Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Ph: 225-578-9600

We recommend an examination by your veterinarian every 12 months for healthy pets under the age of 7, and every 6 months for healthy senior patients. Those pets with chronic disease or mobility issues may require examination on a more frequent basis. We also recommend annual blood work profiles to provide a continuous record for our veterinarians to identify trends and specific areas to focus on in an effort to prolong the duration and quality of life of our patients.

Periodontal disease (disease of the structures around the tooth--the gums, bone, and connective tissue) is one of the most common problems that we deal with on a daily basis. Periodontal infections, tooth fractures, and oral masses can be sources of serious discomfort for your pet. Additionally, untreated periodontal infections can cause damage to major organs of the body including the heart, liver, and kidneys. Proper veterinary dental care can help prevent your pet from developing painful dental conditions, and can extend their life expectancy as well.

If you notice that your pet is depressed, lethargic, or in a state of collapse, you should bring your pet to the veterinarian immediately.

Heartworms are a serious, year-round parasitic threat to your pet’s health. Here in Louisiana, heartworms cause more deaths in younger pets due to the fact that the mosquito is the vector and a host for the parasite, and the mosquito is present year-round in our area.

Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes. Up to 7 larvae (immature heartworms) can be transmitted with each bite. Each of these larvae can mature into a worm in the blood vessels of the lungs and in the heart. These worms block the flow of blood once their numbers increase, causing right-sided heart failure. Dying worms and larvae release substances that can also cause severe allergic reactions in some animals, especially cats.

Heartworms can be prevented in dogs, cats, and ferrets by using a medication administered monthly or by injection (dogs only) to kill a certain stage of the parasite. It is important to maintain your pet on monthly heartworm prevention, with no gaps in protection, for the rest of its life. Annual heartworm testing is recommended to ensure a negative status and to help maintain the highest health standards of your pet (dogs only).

Payment is expected in full at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, major credit cards, and Care Credit.

Apply now to Care Credit: https://www.carecredit.com/

Time, age of the caretaker, multi-pet households can come with serious behavioral issues, housing, expenses, food can cost about $650/year per pet and routine veterinary care can cost $350 /year per pet.

We provide individualized estimates. Please ask for one, if one is not offered.

Ridgefield Animal Hospital is very active in providing care through in-house adoptions and working with several local humane and shelter organizations. We cannot, however, provide discounts to individual pet owners based on the fact that they adopted or rescued a pet. Once a person makes the decision to adopt or rescue a pet, they must realize that they are also taking on the food, housing and medical responsibilities of that pet.

It is a good idea to have a copy of your pet's medical records made prior to hurricane season, especially if your pet(s) has any chronic medical conditions that may require attention while you are evacuated. Minimally, you should have your pet's vaccination records with you, as it is mandatory in shelters and to cross state lines to be current on rabies vaccination. You can view your pets’ vaccination records in our app (to download our app search Ridgefield Animal Hospital in your Apple App Store or Google Play).

Other items you will want to have ready for a quick evacuation would include heartworm prevention and other medications, which includes medication(s) for pets who do not travel well, special diets, collar and tags, microchip information, leashes and crates. For large animals: proof of a current Coggins test, a picture, microchip number, halters and leads, chronic medications.​

LSU's School of Veterinary Medicine has a website that will give you plenty of information on being prepared to protect your companion animals, be it small animals or livestock. Click on the link below to visit their helpful page.


Words like "holistic" and "natural" are there to market one product over another. "Grain Free" is now a buzz phrase but has actually been found to be harmful to the heart. If you feel your pet needs a special diet please contact your veterinarian for recommendations for a well balanced diet.

Keeping your pet at the proper weight during its life can add 2 years or more to your pet's lifespan, and who doesn't want their pet around for as long as we can have them! Each food requires different recommendations on the amount to feed based on the age, activity level and reproduction status. Please schedule an appointment to discuss the proper nutrition with one our doctors.

​Rat bait, antifreeze, or prescription medications, grapes and raisins, xylitol, marijuana and chocolate.

Once a week to every other week with a non-soap based shampoo to not wash off topical prevention.

Your veterinarian may recommend a food trial, allergy testing/immunotherapy and/or further diagnostics to treat and control secondary infections to allergies. Apoquel, and/or a Cytopoint injection, which can last 4-8 weeks, are also available treatment options.

It is the exam. It isn't often that a pet is presented for "just shots" and actually has no other problems.

Vaccine clinics held in retail stores with low "overall" prices, only include a cursory examination. At Ridgefield Animal Hospital we do full physical exams to find illness, prior to the animal showing signs.

Choose your sites wisely, and ask your veterinarian for their opinion as they know you and your pet's particular situation. A trustworthy source is www.healthypet.com provided by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

They are especially fast to say they have a "Money back Satisfaction Guarantee," but be sure that they will back the products they sell. Even non-prescription medications and foods can be inappropriate or dangerous when purchased from a source that does not know your pet and cannot explain risks, hazards and proper usage to you. We have an online pharmacy through this website, where we control the products and can personally back up what is sold.

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After-Hours Emergencies

Our established clients, those who have been to Ridgefield within the last two years and are in good financial standing with Ridgefield Animal Hospital, should call our main telephone number (985) 446-8824.

***Non-Ridgefield Animal Hospital clients will be referred to an emergency hospital: ***

MedVet New Orleans
2315 N. Causeway Blvd.
Metairie, LA 70001

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Skip Bertman Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803